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Finland Pavilion

At Arab Health, the Finland Pavilion showcased cutting-edge medical technology and solutions from leading Finnish companies. The booth design was kept sleek and modern, with a focus on creating an immersive experience for visitors. used a combination of custom-made furniture, high-quality graphics, and lighting to highlight the products on display and make the booth stand out from the rest.

The IDEX exhibition, on the other hand, featured Finnish companies specializing in defense and security solutions. The booth design was tailored to the specific needs of these companies, with a focus on creating a secure and professional environment for business meetings and networking.

At MedLab, the Finland Pavilion showcased innovative medical devices and solutions from Finnish companies. Messe.aedesigned the booth to reflect the theme of innovation, with a futuristic look and feel.'s collaboration with the Finland Pavilion at Arab Health, IDEX, and MedLab was a resounding success, helping to improve the online visibility of the event and the companies involved. By understanding the specific needs of each industry and company, was able to design and execute booths that not only looked impressive but also served as effective marketing tools.

Significant projects

Event: Arab Health

  • Square:
  • 72 m2

Event: MedLab

  • Square:
  • 39 m2